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Friends this is new version obstacle avoiding card with new features like LED Head lights with complete step by step details and video

so friends have a look and comment you like it or not.

so let see how to make this obstacle avoiding car by own.

Step 1: Video

guys have a look to video, this will help you to visualize how to make this autonomous obstacle avoiding car

Step 2: Material Need

Major item list with purchase link

DC GEAR MOTOR-----------------------1 set

TWO WHEELS----------------------------1 pair


ARDUINO NANO-----------------------------1no.

L293D IC---------------------------------------1no.

MINI BREAD BOARD---------------------1no.

9V Battery-------------------------------1no

Jumper wires------------------------20 to 25 pc

ON/OFF switch---------------------1no.

Acrylic sheet-----------------------1no

Double side tape-----------------as required

Step 3: Preparing Chassis

let see how to prepare chassis of the car

  1. This car is very simple don't need to buy any car chassis from market you just want a Acrylic sheet piece of size approx 5 X 12CM about 4 to 5 mm thick
  2. Stick the DC gear motor on the acrylic sheet as shown in image with the help of double side tape
  3. stick some hollow pipe or straw piece to the other end of the acrylic sheet
  4. Bring wheel from some old toy and pass its shaft from that hollow tube so that this wheel became rotate freely
  5. Place the wheel of dc motor to shaft of the motor.
  6. stick Ultrasonic sensor at the front end of the car with the help of double side tape as shown in imgae

Step 4: Electrical Schematic & Arduino Code

Connect all the electrical connection as shown in image, do this carefully because a sing mismatch of polarity can burn your arduino or L293D IC

also find the attached Arduio code download this code and upload to your arduino

as you can see in code at line number 35 [if (distance >= 15)] you can change whatever distance you want as safe distance here i kept 15cm is the safe distance you just have to replace 15 with you safe distance cm

So guys hope you find this interesting

please connected if any doubt

till tan by friends coming soon with new project