OFF-GRID......TANKLESS Shower Set-up

Introduction: OFF-GRID......TANKLESS Shower Set-up

About: YOUTUBER/BLOGGER ... mrsquirelsacks... I am new to this site and just working out the kinks very cool stuff to come soon

tankless water heater easy to set up...and low cost for a great set-up ...the water and shower hook ups take 1/2 inch fittings so it just hooked up straight to the shower and water pipes happy with this

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey first off good job these things work great and I'm glad to see you touched on the CO2 detector and the air intake requirements. I've used these personally for over 30 yrs off grid in a small community, 20 or so installs and teaching a wide variety of people how to operate these heaters safely. Without writing a book here :) 2 things I would suggest : 1) run a outside air intake to the heater or make outside air available. (you can deplete the oxygen in a small space and in the winter, why use the heated air in your living space to burn propane?) Which brings me to number 2) Vent the exhaust if a tankless heater is installed in a living space. School of hards knocks teaches the survivors well. When brand new and shiny, talking about the smaller sized heaters, this might not seem like a necessary undertaking but time will alter the characteristics of the exhaust do to oxidized heat exchangers and the dust or whatever that gets baked onto heat exchangers besides the gases from combustion really aren't that cool to be breathing (this coming from a guy that smokes a pack a day!) Anyway theres the book I said I wouldn't write! Once again Good job and congrats.

    Montana Madness
    Montana Madness

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Well first let me say thank you ...Good call on the things to watch for this will be the first full year of running so i was thinking of doing a follow up video soon on just the things you talk about and then some... "the thing might be one of the best things i have put in this house lol" oh and when i say i am new to all this this was the first video i ever did "EVER" And put it up on youtube once more thank you for the great input ...