Introduction: ONLY 3 Ingredients Savoury Cookies!!!!!

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We all have eaten and made sweet cookies, but have you ever tried your hands on savoury cookies, if not then try they are absolutely delicious too. So, in this instructable I am going to share a recipe of savoury cookies which is only made with 3 ingredients.
ONLY 3 Ingredients!!!!!!!
This is a very simple and easy recipe. The 3 main ingredients which are used are - carrom seeds, flour and dried and crushed herb(only one herb is enough, you can use parsley or fenugreek leaves, whatever is available). The other ingredients are oil and salt.
The measurements of the ingredients are down below.


Refined flour - 300g (2 cup)
Carrom seeds - 35g
Dry herb - 50g
Oil/butter for mixing - 1/2 cup
Oil for frying - 1/2 litre
Salt to taste

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