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Sometimes you want something sweet and there’s not much out there in hell sweeter than the taste of two week aged zombie mouse brains.

Of course, being mortal means you don’t have quite the access to zombie mice like I do, so I’ve decided to be considerate and give you an alternative method for creating your own.

Step 1: ​For This Recipe You Will Need:

  • 1 jar Maraschino Cherries, drained but not rinsed
  • ½ Cup butter melted (1 stick)
  • 6 Tablespoons corn syrup
  • 1 Can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 Teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 pounds powdered sugar (roughly 1 bag) and 1 Teaspoon powdered sugar set aside
  • 12 ounces white candy melts (or green if you can find them!)
  • Green food coloring
  • Brain shaped candy mold

Start by first mixing together all of your ingredients except your cherries and candy melts. Add in your green food coloring a drop at a time until you’ve achieved a nice shade of zombie green. Your ingredients should come together into a stiff but still somewhat pliable dough. If it’s too stiff and crumbly, add in water a half teaspoon at a time. If it’s too sticky, add in a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Step 2:

Take your cherries and drain them. Each cherry should then be sliced into half.

Using very dry hands, wrap each cherry half in a ball of dough small enough to fit into the center of your brain mold. (It’s important your hands are totally dry for this step as the powdered sugar will start to dissolve if you have any moisture on your fingers, resulting in a sticky, gooey mess.)

Freeze your dough wrapped cherries for at least an hour.

Step 3: Let's Stop the World and I'll Melt With You...

While your cherries are freezing, take your candy melts and place them into a microwave safe bowl. Zap your candy melts 15 seconds at a time, stirring between each session until they’re fully melted.

Using a spoon, carefully ladle candy melt into each of your mold cavities, using the back of the spoon to evenly coat the entire surface.

Turn your mold upside down over a piece of waxed paper and allow the excess candy to drain and harden.

Once your brains are evenly coated, gently press a single dough covered frozen cherry into the center of each cavity.

Using the rest of your melted candy, fill the rest of your mold cavities, being sure to cover your cherries and dough balls fully.

You can help ensure your candies are evenly coated by gently tapping your mold to release any bubbles. You can also lift the entire thing about two inches from the surface of your work-station and dropping it lightly. Don’t drop from too high a height or you run the risk of your candy melts splattering.

Using a knife, carefully scrape the excess candy melt from the back of your mold.

Allow the candy to completely cool and firm up…about an hour or so.

Step 4: Finishing Them Up and Waiting...

Once your candies are fully cooled and firmed, remove them from the mold and gently trim off any excess around the edges. (If you have any difficulty removing them from the mold, popping them into the freezer for around 5-10 minutes will cause the candy to slightly shrink, making it easier to pop them out. Flip your mold upside down and tap lightly to help loosen them.)

Take your remaining teaspoon of powdered sugar and mix it with a few drops of green food coloring until you get a paste thin enough to brush on but not so thin that it’s runny.

Using a paint brush, apply a light coat of green paste to each of your brains.

Store your brains away in a cool dry location for at least two weeks to properly age. While your brains are aging, the dough inside will liquefy.

Step 5: Sweet Sweet Gooey Green Success!

After two weeks, your candy centers should have completely liquefied. Feel free to enjoy your now juicy, sweet,

disgustingly revolting looking candied zombie mouse brains!

For even more ghoulishly ghastly recipes, check out the rest of my Instructables or go to my blog, The Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon.

Bone appetite!

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