Introduction: IKEA Hackers: ORDNING Hanging Lamp

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My girlfriend needed a new lamp for her flat so I built her one out of some Ikea ORDNING cutlery caddies...

While making the lamp I didn't have in mind to make an instructable, but the lamp turned out very well, so I took some pictures while putting it in place. But I think, you can figure out, how it has been made from the sketches I made...

materials needed for this hack:
5 ORDNING cutlery caddies (4 for the hanging lamp and an extra...)
some clear cable
short piece of white cable
cable clamps
luster terminals
screws and bolts
cable straps
spray paint

metal shears
hollow riveting device with rivets
drill with drill bits

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

The lamp shades:
On three of the caddies cut out the center square of the bottom. To make the task easy the size of the inner square fits just the size of the sockets if you cut it along the outside of the holes...

The ceiling mount:
On the forth caddy cut of the top at the second line of holes from the bottom.

Then cut the white piece of cable open along one side and take the inner cables out (I used them later for the internal wiring)

(Sorry for the poor sketches but I'm not very experienced at drawing on the pen tablet)

Step 2: Putting the Pieces Together

Now I placed the sockets in the shades by marking and drilled the fitting holes and then riveting them together. Be shure to place the socketring in a way that at least some of the predrilled holes have some metal underneath.

Ceiling mount:
I put some glue inside the opened cable and stuck it on the edge of the ceiling mount. I sticked the cable clamps and the center nut in place.

After that I gave everything a nice red paintjob..

Step 3: Wiring

The wiring is done as a straight forward parallel connection, so that if one bulb blows, the other two still work.
If you are not shure how to do this get some help by a pro or at least let it  check by someone with experience!

Step 4: Let There Be Light...

Now put it up, connect it and hit the switch!

If you might ask, what the extra (fifth) ORDNING piece was for, just check the second picture...