Introduction: ORIGAMI SWAN

Hello, Hello! Ever got bored? What a silly question, of course you have. Well, ever try Origami? In this simple instructable I'll show you how to make an Origami Swan. So lets go!

Step 1: To Start...

First, you need a square piece of paper. (Rectangular won't work, I tried), Once you got it put it on a table.

Step 2: First Fold

Fold diagonally, there simple right? That's the first step. 

Step 3: The Body

Grab the corners parallel to the crease that you made. Fold them to meet the center crease, like in the picture. It should look like a kite at the end of this process. 

Step 4: Wings

Fold to make new flaps at the point where the two previous folds meet. Fold it at a 45º angle. It should be a small fold.

Step 5: Making the Swan Part 1

Fold the Kite in half. So the wing flaps are on the outside. (In the picture its upside down because I wanted to show you what it should look like.

Step 6: Making the Swan Part 2

Fold the tip up. It should touch the wing.

Step 7: Making the Tail

This is the hardest part. At the other end of the Swan you need to pocket fold the tail to make it shorter. The picture is to show what a pocket fold should look like.

Step 8: The Face

Fold to make the head. It should be about a inch, but you have wiggle room with it as long as you can do the step fold. For the step fold flip the Swan over like the picture and step fold. Last you draw the eye. Make it what ever eye you want, it's your Swan.

Step 9: A Swan

Presto! Your done! Go make you army of swans my Padawans!