Introduction: Oasis in City Concrete Jungle

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Are You city habitant who is always in a hurry…Are You living in a boring narrow “city jungles” made from concrete and glass? Every spring You feel that your hands are missing a wonderful touch to soil  and plants…But You have not any square foot/metre of land for the realizing your gardening instinct in a city life. Welcome to my lovely balcony for inspiration.

You need:

  1. Plant pot from clay.
  2. Soil for the succulent type plants.
  3. Few lovely rocks from seashore for decoration.
  4. Any small hand tool as a weeder or trowel.
  5. Few type of plants which goes together.
  6. Inspiration for creation!

Step 1: Inspiration

It was the most unfriendly winter for my balcony garden. This year it was -25C frost first time in my 3 year gardening experience.  Only Liveforever (Sempervivum) survived.

So.. 3 empty plant clay pots, few rocks polished by the Baltic Sea waves, the yearning of the green beauty and the inspiration for new creation :) still alive after heavy winter.

Its time to go for the 2 elements to flower market: soil and new plants

Step 2: Implantation

The most important is to select right plants. I have not possibility for everyday care and watering my plants because I‘m busy person with my work and I like travel when I have time for travel. That is why I like species of succulent plants of the Crassulaceae family. It can be Houseleeks or Liveforever (Sempervivum), Sedum (stonecrops)..The plants selection depends on your local climate and what you will find in your local flower market.
If you have not any small hand tool as a weeder or trowel - don't worry! No need to waste money for it. Kitchen fork or spoon can replace it very easy for city gardening experience.

Step 3: Can Be City Garden Without City Birds?

You can hang feed ball for wild birds if the park or any small green square is situated close to your house.

Step 4: Romantic Sunset in City Garden

Two seats for two close people in a city garden. Sometimes less space can be merit :) ...

Step 5: Birdwaching

First visitors were two blue tits... my little garden with wild city birds... Very soon birdwaching can turn to next hobby for busy city life people... little touch to nature...

Have a success and inspirations for creation your own mini garden in a big city!

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