Introduction: Obstacle Avoiding Robot - Motor Shield

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Hi guys! This is an easy and basic tutorial for making a Obstacle Avoiding Robot... Read on ...

Step 1: Materials Required

To build the Obstacle Avoiding Robot you will require-

  1. Arduino Uno R3 (we recommend using Arduino Uno r3 but you can also use other boards such as Mega or Nano...)
  2. Arduino Motor Shield(We can also use a Motor Driver instead of it)
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor
  4. Jumper Wires
  5. 9V Battery
  6. Power bank(It is not nessecary that you use a power bank to power the Arduino but we reccommend using it but your robot would run perfectly even if you don't use a power bank)
  7. USB Cable (To connect the Arduino to the power bank if you are using one)

Step 2: Wiring

1. Attach the Trig pin to 8 and the echo to the no.7 (Tip: make sure the wire is naked at the end because it has to be crunched inside the motor shield).The GND pin to the ground supply in the Arduino & VCC to the 5V

2. Then attach the motor shield on the Arduino.

3. Connect the Motors and the 9V power supply to the shield

Step 3: Code

The download link is giving down below download & upload it.....

Step 4: You're Done

Once you done all this make sure you send a image of the robot....

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