Introduction: Obstacle Detection

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This instructable is regarding the interface of IR sensor and buzzer to the Arduino in such a way that it works as obstacle detection circuit.

Step 1: Getting Started

This is my first instructable for obstacle detection.I have used two IR sensor and an arduino to make a circuit which sense obstacle coming in its path.The two IR sensor is such calibrated that any of the two output is one the the buzzer turns on.such a device can be use in doors ,when there is someone at the door the buzzer beeps.

Step 2: Components

The following components are needed

  1. Arduino any model (here I have used Arduino Diecimila)
  2. IR sensors
  3. buzzer
  4. connecting wires
  5. Arduino programming software
  6. battery

The above components are easily available in market.

Step 3: Circuit Making

Connect the circuit as shown in figure

In the circuit the two output of IR sensors are connected to the analog pins A0 & A1 of arduino. I have used digital pins 3,4 for +vcc of IT sensor. The digital pin 2 works as the input to the buzzer.

The program compares the output from the sensors an if result is greater than 0 the buzzer is turned on simple!!!!!!!!

The sensor range can be increased with the help of proper calibration

Please do find the C programming .

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