Introduction: Ocarina Made From Layered Scrap Mdf Boards

Professional ocarinas are very costly. Bu..bu..But I desperately wanted one. Looked for many but none in my cost range. So finally after understanding (little bit) the concepts of it online decided to make one with scrap mdf boards which are easily at my disposal.

Step 1: Design and Cut

Got a basic design ready copying from online images. Took them to my scroll saw cutter friend. He obliged me by cutting and giving me good output on my scrap mdf boards. Next steps are my work on the thing.

Step 2: Make the Fipple

I used a make shift sander made from gluing sand paper on an ice cream stick to make the tool.

Grinding slowly to make the perfect wedge shape for the fipple.

Step 3: Making the Airway

With the same ice cream stick tool made the airway. Slowly grinding on both the surfaces to make the perfect airway.

Step 4: Finishing the Sounding Groove

Used feviquick (kind of superglue from pidilite available in India) to solidify the flipper and the airway as these places will be the most vulnerable to infectious growth. Had to sand a little more in these places after that.

Tried blowing on it to see if it works. Surely makes a soothing sound.

Step 5: Marking and Drilling the Holes

Couldn't find anything fruitful about how to decide the diameter of the holes, had to go online and just draw using images as guide. Holes came out perfect.

Step 6: Closing Everything

Now finally the layers of the board can be glued in place. Did that one at a time so that nothing slides out of place. Did not have clamps so weighed the layers down with heavy books.

Step 7: How Does It Sound.

Please tell me if the ocarina came out ok. Any help will be appreciated for my future ocarina projects. Want to make many more now.

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