Introduction: Oceans 8 Trackball Mouse

Recently i watched Ocean's 8 movie and i liked the mouse.I did some research and found out that this type of mouse is called trackball.It was made by Ralph Benjamin in 1946 who worked for British Royal Navy. Trackball was used for radar's and analog computers. I decided to make one myself using soap box,old wireless laser mouse and 8 ball.

my website is:

Step 1: Prepare the Soap Box

I did a research and found out that most of the commercial trackball mouses are made with laser sensor,and with a body of plastics. Plastic is good material for this purpose because it have low viscosity and density lower than a billiard ball. It is easy to cut with hot knife , drill and laser cutter.

The diameter of the whole need's to be between 52-54mm.

I installed 2 adjustable screws on the bottom of the box, 3 is better if you can find a space on your mouse.

Step 2: Install the Switches

Drill the box ,solder wire's to a switches first and than install them.

I placed two switches for each button in parallel. One in front and one
in the back. So i can press the one that is closer to my fingers.

Step 3: Possition the Mouse

It is important that mouse sensor sits in the middle. And for the best results it needs to be in horizontal position . I placed nuts under the mouse as well as above the mouse.The bottom screw nuts are for adjusting height while the top ones are for locking it in place.

Step 4: Software

We need to flip Y-axis since the mouse is standing upside down. Program that can do that is Sakasa.

Program sakasa can be found on this link:

Download it, extract it, open containing folder and run it.

By default sakasa will flip both axis,so find it in the tray and with right click enter the configuration.And uncheck x-axis from the menu. Sakasa will remember settings for next run.

Optionally you can set mouse little slower in the control panel.