Introduction: Of the Cats, by the Cats, for the Cats

About: I am SoC engineer^^

One day my best friend noticed that she was not spending much time with her cats and she felts a bit sorry.

This is why I am starting this project.

Step 1: Parts

Arm ... You just prepare only the part

- WIZwiki-W7500

- HC-SR04(Ultrasonic)

- SG-90(Servomotor)

- Jumper cable

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Source Code

mbed :mbed link

#include "mbed.h"<br>#include "stdlib.h"  //For rand function 
#include "Servo.h"
#include "HCSR04.h"
HCSR04 sensor(D11, D12); //(Trig Pin, Echo Pin) 
Servo myservo(D6);
int main()
  	int number = 0;
		long d = sensor.distance(1);
        	printf("d = %d\r\n",d);   
		myservo = 0.5;   
		if(d<=25)    //25cm
			number = rand()%11;  //0~10    
			double a = number*0.1;
			printf("%d = %3f\r\n",number,a);                      
			myservo = number*0.1;

Step 4: Semblance

The size is greater than or equal to Card.

Step 5: Video

The cats were constantly coming and going.

You can make it easier.

If you have a question, please send me email( or write the comment about this project

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