Introduction: Office Chair Makeover & Fixing Roller Wheels

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This office chair makeover turned out even more beautiful than I had hoped. And fixing roller wheels is shockingly easy. I can’t believe I found this great piece on someone’s curb. Can you?
Like a lot of people, my family loves cruising through neighborhoods to see what’s going on. Checking out the landscaping and latest builds is oddly relaxing and entertaining. Right? But it’s extra exciting when you find a bit of curbside treasure on the drive. I stumbled across this awesome chair just as it was put out. The guy even helped me load it up. How nice is that?! When I unloaded this chair at home, it was covered in dust, rust, and cobwebs. It looked like it had probably lived in someone’s barn for a few years. 2 of the roller wheels were even broken. BUT the best part was that the chair was actually in excellent condition. The wooden frame was perfect, nothing loose or damaged. So, I knew this office chair makeover would be pretty easy.

Get the full DIY and paint finish steps by visiting the post on Abbotts At Home.

Step 1: A Closer Look

You can see the chair was incredibly dirty and every screw holding it together was rusted.

Step 2: Taking Everything Apart

I cleaned off the chair with my homemade furniture cleaner. Removed the screws holding the seat, back, and post together. Then pulled out all the fabric staples with needle nose pliers.

Step 3: Remove and Replace the Wheels

Most chairs use a universal size for roller wheels. With a bit of effort, some pliers, and some cursing; I pulled the old wheels out. And popped in these awesome new roller wheels (aff). They glide easily across my thick carpet!

Step 4: Extra Touches

I covered the old plastic wood post with glue and rope twine.

Step 5: Refinishing the Wood

I sanded off what was left of the old finish. Then used Vaseline, my homemade chalk paint, and more sandpaper to add a new distressed look. I covered that with my new favorite poly. It leaves this incredibly soft, smooth, but strong finish. Follow this link to the post on Abbotts At Home for full DIY distressing and upholstery details.

Step 6: New Upholstery

I found this cool fabric on Amazon (who knew Amazon even sold fabric, right) to cover the seat with, then covered the staples with a thick protective paper.

Step 7: The Finished Chair

This chair is so comfortable now and looks fantastic with my desk. So glad I found it!

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