Introduction: Office Darts Game in 10 Minutes

To celebrate the addition of "How-To" category of Linkadelic Magazine Here is an essential office project that guarantee hours of fun and takes only 10 minutes to build: The DIY Office Darts Game.

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Don't mistake these darts for toys just because they're made from office supply. You'll be surprised when you realize how accurate they are. They feel and fly just like professional ones.

Step 1: Ingredients

4 Matches
1 Rubber Band
1 Pin
1 Post it note
Printer (Optional)

Step 2: Take a Post-it Note and Fold It Just Like in the Pictures.

Step 3: Stick the Needle

Stick the pin into the post it note. The pin is the tip of the dart. The length of pin that sticks out depends on your matches' size. See the picture below to get the idea.

Step 4: Place the Matches on the 4 Folds of the Post-It Note. Hold Them Together.

Step 5: Use the Rubber Band

Secure the 4 matches with the rubber band. The rubber band should be tightly wrapped around the matches.

Step 6: Print the Target

Print the target from the file below. Make sure to adjust the size to the paper size on your printer settings so you will get a nice big target.

Step 7: Be Careful and Enjoy

Don't play next to people or animals. Make sure no one gets hurt.