Office Warfare: Pen Blowgun

Introduction: Office Warfare: Pen Blowgun

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In this instructable will teach you how to make a blowgun with only basic materials *NOTE* I am not responsible for death or injury caused by the blowgun

Step 1: Materials

The materials you are going to need for this pocket sized blowgun are: A Pen that curves in at the front and a saw, thin, strong and long object or two with one being small enough to fit in the pen

Step 2: Dismantlement

Now you are going to want to take the pen apart this is done by taking the part that sticks out of the pen and turning and pulling at the same time

Step 3: End Cap

Perhaps the hardest step of this instructable is popping the end cap off the pen if you have one thin and long object you are going to want to stick it into the pen and push so the end cap comes off if you have two just put the small one in first and push on it with the big one if you have a saw saw off right before the spot were the cap starts. If your cap is stubborn like mine was file the outside of the end cap to weaken it and poke the object through if there is any left of the cap work it out with the object

Step 4: Done the Pen Part

You are now done the blowgun part all you need now is ammo

Step 5: Ammo

Now all you need is sewing pins as ammo which you slide in the part were the end cap used to be and blow in the other side now you have a office blowgun it doesn't have much power but can be fun to shoot around I will post a ammo improvement in a couple of days

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