Introduction: Office Table Garden Kit

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I have developed a office table garden kit for my office table which can be replaced with daily changing of flower vase & it is echo friendly also. Hope it will be useful for who are working & can develop a plant of their choice. If u like this concept pl vote for me.........

Step 1: Start With Money Plant

As shown in the picture. Take one wooden or fiber tray. Take A4 size  water proof paper cover and cover  it on the tray. Put garden soil and make a rectangle shape with beautiful pebbles. Put small money plant in a sequence.

Step 2: Take Any Small Pot

Take small pot of your choice & put plant of your choice

Step 3: Arrange the Tray Items

Now you have to arrange the tray as per your choice & if u want u can add something like " Thank U for visiting " of " Have a great Day " messages also

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