Introduction: Ohio Toast

A delicious piece of toast. This magnificent Ohio toast was thought of because I normally eat avocado toast but a stereotypical person might say that it's only for people that are boujee and live in California. I took matters into my own hands and made my own state toast! Everyone's favorite dessert from Ohio, well most, is a Buckeye. So when you bite into this toast it's almost like you're eating a Buckeye.

Step 1: Ingredients

To have a successful Ohio toast you will need:

- Chocolate syrup

- WOWbutter, I used WOWbutter because if you have an allergy to nuts then this is safer for you.

- Fresh strawberries

- Bread

- Toaster, You will set your bread to 3 when toasting it.

Step 2: Caution: Sharp Object Is Needed

Cut the strawberry into threes. Cut more depending on how much you like strawberries.

Step 3: Wow and Chocolate

After you take the toast out of the toaster, spread the wow butter on the toast. Then drizzle the chocolate sauce onto it.

Step 4: Final Product

Place your freshly washed and cut strawberry onto the toast. You may use as many strawberries as you want. You may add whatever kind of fruit you like, like a banana. Then enjoy your Ohio toast.