Introduction: Oil Candle! Cheap and Easy

Here's a cheap and simple alternative to purchasing candles. This is all you need:

-A used candleto remove the metal tab which held the wick

-Hemp wick (or similar wax-coated string)

-Olive oil(or similar viscosity oil)

-Shot Glass(preferably thick, wide and stout)

-Essential Oil of your choosing

-6 minutes of your life

Step 1: Cut ~ 5 Inches of Hemp String and Feed It Through the Reused Metal Tab

Alternatively you could purchase metal tabs cheaply online however you only need one tab. They are standard in most cheap candles you may have laying around.

Feed about 3/4 inch of string through the base of the metal tab.

Step 2: Make Your Wick

Wrap the string around the base of the tab and press the coil so the wax can adhere and form a neatly coiled base. This step is important, otherwise your wick will tip over when immersed in oil.

Step 3: Add Oil

Pour about 25 mL of olive oil into the shot glass, leaving a few cm of wick above the oil line.

Recenter the wick so it is as vertical as possible.

Step 4: Add Essential Oil

Add the essential oil (or oils) you enjoy. About 10 drops should due but add more or less according to your room size and sensitivity.

I have tried peppermint, lavender oil, sandalwood, and rosemary and they all work well. They're also therapeutic and a great stress reliever.

Step 5: Light It Up and Enjoy!

This should burn for hours! How easy was that?


Step 6: