Introduction: Oil Change for 2005 Dodged Ram 1500 4wd

Changing the oil of your own vehicle it help you to save some money, not only you save money but you keep you vehicle in good condition, making it last for more miles. Changing the oil is easy enough that you do not need to have a big knowledge in cars. However you have to know what kind of oil is needed and how much you need, but looking at your owner manual you can find the information, or you can look on the interned to find it. Most Automobile Mechanics recommend to change your oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, but if you are using synthetic oil it can last a little be more.


New Oil

New Oil Filter

New Air Filter

Step 1: Tools

1. Half inch socket

2. Ratchet

3. Hydraulic Jack or any Jack (if the car is low)

4. Jack Stands (if the car is low)

5. Funnel

6. Container to put the use oil

Step 2: Located the Oil Plug

Go under the car and locate the oil plug drain. If the car is low jack it up, but be careful to not go under a car that do not have a jack stand, sometimes the hydraulic jacks can give up while you are under the car, so is better to put some jack stands, because this is a truck you do not need to jack it up. Use the 1/2 inch socket with the ratchet and lose the plug, put the container directly under the plug and removed it, let it drain all the oil. If you remove the oil cap it make more easy for the oil to flow down making the drain more faster.

Step 3: Change the Air Filter

The air filter need be change every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but you can tell if it need to be change or not by looking how dirty it is. Located the air filter in top of the engine, unclip 4 clips located in the red dots, now you can see the filter, remove the old one and place the new one in. The last part to change the Air Filter is to put all back together, and you are done.

Step 4: Remove the Oil Filter

Locate the Oil Filter under the car and try to loose it. Sometimes the filter is too tight and you have to use a Oil Filter Wrench to loose it. When the filter is loose enough try to unscrew it slowing because the filter contains oil try to not get in over you clothes, then place the used oil filter in the container.

Step 5: Put the New Oil Filter

When are you putting the new Oil Filter you need to put a little be of oil in the seal for a better seal. Also do not tight it too much, when the filter is totally screw in, just give one quarter of a turn, and it should be tight enough.

Step 6: Put the Oil Plug Back in Place

When the Oil is completely drained put the oil plug back by hand, then later use the same tools that you used when you take it out, the 1/2 inch socket and the ratchet. When using the ratchet to tight the plug just turn 3 quarters of a turn to tight it up, it should be tight enough.

Step 7: Filling the Engine With New Oil

When you are filling your car up with new oil use a funnel, it makes more easy to not waste too much oil. If you know how much of oil you need for your car put it all in, but sometimes is better to put at least a quarter less than what they recommended.

Step 8: Checking the Oil Level

Mostly all cars have a dipstick where you can check the oil level in your car. To check if the oil that you put before is enough you need to pull out this dipstick out, there are two marks in the bottom of it, the bottom mark indicates that the oil level is low, and the top mark indicates that the oil level is high. The oil level need to be in between this two marks.

Step 9: Recycling the Oil

Mostly all Auto Parts Stores recycle used oil, like AutoZone, O'Reilly, Napa, and even Walmart. It is better to recycle used oil than to throwing it away, also it is illegal to throwing it away because it do a big harm the environment. Now you finish your first oil change.