Introduction: Ol' Classic Crêpe

Oh, you're hungry, but there is no more junk food and everything in the fridge is gone! what do you do? "Bake" hot pockets. But the hot pockets are gone, so you make pancakes, but the pancake batter is gone. Then what do you do? Make brownies. But uh oh, your oven pan (That's what I call them) is in the 5th dimension stuck in an endless loop of torture. Then what? Try making a caramel chocolate sundae fudge latte with fresh glazed donuts. Who else wouldn't think of that. But in all seriousness, the crêpe is a forgettable recipe. You even probably forgot about it before reading this. So if you want to eat some light and thin copy of a pancake, here's the recipe I guess.

You should know that crêpes taste better when adding combinations to it. Most crêpes are folded in the end with Nutella spread in them. But it also goes well with honey, strawberries, blueberries, a refreshing drink so the crêpe doesn't feel too dough-ey, and with cheese in the crêpe (melted cheese makes it even better, though I don't know how to make melted cheese properly). Also, I prefer crêpes over pancakes cause of the thin texture. Just thought I'd let you know.

Step 1: Doing the Batter

You need these: 1 3/4 cups of milk (water works as well [even 1 cup water & 1 cup milk]), 1 cup or less of vegetable oil and 2 eggs. Stir them in a bowl. Congratulations, you now have a liquid-like batter!

I like to add my 1 cup of flour in the bowl last. I don't know, I guess I like seeing it be liquid before it is even thicker liquid. Probably a problem I have when doing batter. Anyway, you finished the batter, so lets move on.

Step 2: Thy Shalt Pour-eth Thy Batter

You should cover your pan with butter before putting the batter on the pan. Then, pour the batter onto the pan (preferably using a big spoon [I know, it's called a ladle ]), and spread it out by moving the pan up and down to left and right so that the batter should turn into a crepe and not a pancake. After some shaking, put the pan on the stove with the heat on medium high. Wait about 30-45 seconds, depending on how thick or thin your batter is. Or just ignore this instructable and make a pancake. That works too.

Step 3:

How do you flip a crêpe? Well, the butter you put on the pan earlier should help flipping it much easier. Then wait until you think its ready to be flipped again. Also, a tip from me: If you try to flip it and the bottom and it is heavy or too thick, wait a little more, because most likely its undercooked and still doughy. Either that or you didn't put enough butter to make the process simple. Repeat the flipping process until small yellow dots appear. The dots are there to tell you that it's ready. If you have brown dots everywhere, it's overcooked, and if there are no dots, it's probably undercooked. Put your crepes onto a plate.

Step 4: How To: Enjoy Crêpe

Enjoy your crêpe. This is probably the most difficult step of them all. In this process, try not to accidentally sell your soul to the devil. It happens sometimes, but try to avoid that if possible. Also, you probably only ate 3 of the 8-ish crêpes. you can give the rest of the 5 to the inner demons in your mind so you don't get involved with satanic activities while not knowing it, and also if they are to busy eating crêpes, then it gives you a chance to properly enjoy your crêpe. If they see through the trap and don't take it, then go get a therapist you dumb idi-


This was for the #hms2018 project.

Also I'm sorry for the dumb idiot comment. That was pretty rude.