Introduction: Old Blouse Refashion to Shoulderless Top

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Shoulderless tops are now extremly fashionable. It's very truth but my inspiration was Yen from game Witcher. Exactly one of her optional clothes, the one you can see on picture below .

I changed only colors and made it more wearable to our times. Making of this top isn't very easy but I tried to make this tutorial as easy as it can be.

Step 1: Shirt Before:

For this refashion perfect will be big blouse , if it comes to fabric viscose, cotton or silk will be the ideal choice.

Step 2: How to Make New Neckline?

cut neckline

use ruler for it , so your neckline will be straight

Step 3: How to Make New Sleeves?

cut sleeves

Step 4: How to Receive Fabric for Flounce?

cut 2 pieces for flounce and sew them together

Step 5: How to Make Flounce ?

attach flounce with pins to the blouse

Step 6: How to Make Flounce? 2

sew and turn over to the other side

Step 7: How to Make Tunnel ?

sew tunnel for elastic or twine

Step 8: How to Make Darts?


Step 9: How to Finish the Off Shoulder Top?

last moves on photos

Step 10: How It Looks After?

there was a shirt now it's shoulderless top