Introduction: Old Swimsuit Bow

This is a very simple bow that can be used for a headband, decoration, add to your new bathing suit, and many more!

Step 1: Materials

And old bathing suit (preferred bottom) Scissors Optional: extra fabric for center This one is a skirt suit so you can use anything

Step 2: Cut

Cut all the way around the top as thick as you want your bow to be. Don't make it too thin or thick

Step 3: Tie

Tie it just like you would your shoes. Fix the dangling strings to be even like in the picture. Cut the strings so they are even if you need to.

Step 4: Optional Middle

Take your extra fabric and tie it around the middle. Cut so you cannot see it.

Step 5: There You Go!!

You are all done! You can sew this to fabric glue it to anything else or use it for decoration. Have fun and vote

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