Introduction: Old Tabletop Turned Kitchen Island

I refinished an old tabletop without legs to make a kitchen island!

Step 1: Clean and Sand Old Table Top

This was an old tabletop without legs. It had been sitting in our basement for a while. There was some water damage on one corner. I sanded it down with a medium course sandpaper and cleaned with warm soap and water. Then I repeated those last steps with a fine grit sandpaper and let it dry in the sun for a day or so.

Step 2: Stain Tabletop

I put 3-4 coats of stain in this to give it a good solid color. I wasn't going for a shiny finish but it looked good, so I left it.

Step 3: Place on Rolling Cart

I picked up this vintage bar cart as an antique mall and had been using it as an island, but it lacked s solid top. Once fully dry, place the tabletop on the cart! Because of the rail on the cart, the flat space between the cart and tabletop is great for baking sheet storage.