Introduction: Standing Desk and Laundry Credenza

I modified an old Ikea desk into a standing desk with great office organization. With a laundry organizer, short file cabinet, and stool, you can add ample flat space for paperwork and projects.


Ikea desk

Step 1: Move Up Desktop - Move Down Shelf

By moving the brackets up, I made this a standing desk. By placing the shelf that used to be positioned on the top, on the bottom, there was great space for a printer, desk accessories, and a storage box for books and paper.

Step 2: Create Flat Space

By placing my laundry organizer to the right, and a stool on the left, I basically added a credenza and additional flat space. The short file cabinet was also a Restore find for $5 and nice addition for storage. Magnetic hooks also help keep headphones and wires out of the way.

Step 3: Add Anti-fatigue Matt

Since standing desks can be tough on your feet, I slipped an anti-fatigue matt under the rug in this room. It keeps it from moving and is hardly even noticable.

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