Introduction: Oliebollen (dutch New Years Snack)

Hello, this is my first instructable.
I am gonna tell you how to make Oliebollen, a typical dutch snack wich we eat at new year.
First I will tell you the history of this snack, and after that I'll tell you how to make them.

Step 1: How Did It All Begin?

We don't know who has created oliebollen, but we do know that there are three possibilities.
Possibility 1: The people from holland did sacrafice oliebollen to the gods, for a good battle.
Possibility 2: In the first half of december, people did only eat at night. after the first half of the month people did party and made oliebollen.
Possibility 3: At the dark ages, the people from holland gave oliebollen to the poor and hungry.

Step 2: Ingredients

Ingredient 1: 1 wheat flour.
Ingredient 2: 1 liter water
Ingredient 3: 10 g of cinnamon
Ingredient 4: 20 g of salt
Ingredient 5: 50 g of sugar
Ingredient 6:80 g of yeast
Ingredient 7: a few drops of lemon juice
Ingredient 8: 200 g of raisins
Ingredient 9: 100 g of fresh apples

Step 3: Preperiation

Dissolve the yeast in the water and mix briefly.
Add the flour and mix the batter with a short mixer on the lowest position.
Working through the filling and let the mixture cool 45 minutes (and no less!) on a warm place to rise.
Prevent dehydration by a wet towel to put over the bucket.
Remember that the batter will rise , so use a large bucket.
Get the batter out with a spoon in oil of 180 degrees Celsius.
If you use a frying pan, set it at 190 degrees! Bake about 6 minutes of use peanut oil.
Change oil regularly!

Step 4: Enjoy!

And now enjoy you oliebollen!