Introduction: Ombre Sunset Nails

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Here are the things you'll need to do these super cute ombre sunset nails :) Base/top coat White polish Yellow polish Orange polish Pink polish Black polish An eyeshadow applicator

Step 1: Paint Your Nails White

Start off with a base coat (important so you don't stain your nails) Next, paint your nails white. It brings out the color of the ombre!

Step 2: Pink Base

Take your pink polish, and paint some onto one side of the eyeshadow applicator. Then dab that onto the base of your nail.

Step 3: Orange

Take your orange polish and do the same as with the pink, but in the middle of your nail. Orange should take up the most space, overlapping the pink and yellow.

Step 4: Yellow Tips

Take your yellow and repeat. I used a thinner one, because it's only the tip, but feel free to use a full one.

Step 5: Blend

Use your top coat to blend all the colors together. You made need to apply more of one color to make it more obvious. Optional: apply all colors to one sponge and dab it all on at the same time, then blend.

Step 6: Palm Trees

Take a thin brush, the thinner the better, and your black nail polish Draw a curved triangle as a base Then draw 4 little leaves! I only did it on my thumb and ring, but you can so as many or little as you want!