Introduction: Omelette Sushi - My Only DIY Skill at the Kitchen

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Usually, I don't share Food projects, but mostly DIY projects in the carpentry, renovation fields etc which I do as a hobby. Lately, I didn't have time to make too many new projects due to my kids' summer vacation... My days were fully busy with my lovely kids :)

I don't have cooking skills at all. The most complicated food I know to make is omelette.

Well, when you have long days with your kids at home during their vacation... you have to be creative with the food.

Usually, when the kids eat, all their surroundings gets dirty.

Instead of giving them everything separately on their plates (egg, vegetables etc.) I decided to make them the only DIY I know to make in the kitchen... All In One - "Omelette Sushi".

They love it very much, they clean their plate and everything stays clean around! :)

And the best part - they always tells that daddy's food is better than mommy's food... :):):)

You can watch my short video of the making process, below.

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Thanks! :)





Other vegetables

Any spread (e.g. Hummus, Cheese spread etc.)

Step 1: Making the Omelette

Make regular omelette.

It's better to make it thinner as possible, so it will be easy to roll it with the vegetables later

Step 2: Making the Omelette - Continue

Step 3: Cutting the Cucumber

Cut the cucumber to thin long pieces.

Step 4: Cutting the Tomato

Cut the tomato to thin long pieces.

Step 5: Applying the Spread

Apply the required spread on the omelette.

I used Hummus, but you can use cheese spread or any other you like, but it's better that the spread will stick the omelette roll well when you cut it later.

Step 6: Putting the Vegetables

Put the cucumber, tomato and other vegetables you cut before, on the omelette.

Step 7: Rolling and Cutting

Roll the omelette over the vegetables until it covers it.

Cut the roll to pieces in the width you like.

Step 8: Making It More Interesting

Arrange the roll pieces on the plate.

I gave it some spaces and added eyes and mouth, so it will look like a caterpillar...

The kids like it :)

Step 9: The Result - Caterpillar Omelette Sushi

Step 10: Eating

Time to eat.

You can see in the video at the next step, how fast my kids finished to eat it... without making too much dirt around! :)

Have you known this dish before?

Do you like it?

Bon Appetit.

Step 11: The Video

I didn't invent this dish, but somehow this specific video became viral on Facebook with ~500K views, while non of my DIY videos did...

You can see in the video the full making process, and how fast my kids finished it...

What do you think made this video viral?

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