Introduction: On Wall Papers Holder

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Well, some of you might have seen something like this on Instructables before. Reuse old license plates as papers or envelopes holder. I do too, but using the search tool I can't find the link. I forget the tags or terms used in it.

Somehow I think of an easier way to make it. No tools needed here. Considering normal license plates will already have holes on it when you put it on your vehicle, unless you are using no-holes plate holders on your vehicle :D

Step 1:

All you need is two pieces of old license plates, well... preferably clean ones because this will be a furniture in your room. I always have my plates re-painted and re-shaped on their edges so that they are round to prevent my hands being cut when I clean my vehicle.

Then you need a piece of single strand 12 awg wire about 24 inches in length for my motorbike plates. Well, it is hard enough to stay on its shape yet it is easy enough to bend and it has colorful jacket of your choice. The length depends on the size of your plates and the position of their holes. If you have one lying around with appropriate length, then yes you do not need any tools in this project :D

Step 2:

Bend your wire in the middle, having the same length on the left and right.

Step 3:

Go through the holes of the first plate from the front.

Step 4:

Bend the top of your wire flat on the plate's front face. And bend the bottom of wire flat on the plate's rear face.

Step 5:

Put the wire through the holes of second plate.

Step 6:

Flip the second plate so that its bottom meet the first plate's bottom leaving a few millimeters in between.

Step 7:

Press the remaining wire flat on the second plate's rear face.

Step 8:

Flip the second plate up to any position [how wide] you like and you are done ^_^

Step 9:

Hang it on the wall. I hang it next to the window so that I can access my stuffs from outside my office.

I refuse to throw away these plates because it has memory in it. See that lower left corner of the front plate? It was bitten by my lost dog. I was so angry with him at that time, so much scratches on my bike, but now I am missing him...

Anyway... it just a bitter memory ending sweet in this instructable ^_^