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In this turtorial I'll be showing you a cute and pretty easy way to do your eye and brows makeup. The products I'm using are pretty cheap. And the technique used can be tranferred to work with any type/brand of product.

  • Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara
  • CoverGirl Aquasmooth Compact Foundation
  • Wet'n'Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
  • CoverGirl Eyebrow Pencil

The eyeshadows you'll see using are not a big name brand like CoverGirl or Maybelline. I got them in a package like a big makeup kit. The brand of the makeup kit was Color Concept and I have no idea if they only make the one type of package. But using similar colors will work just as well.

Step 1: Step One. Covering Your Bags. {opp.}

This step is opptional, I just find it helps to brighten your eyes and hide away the sleep you didn't get.

Using your foundation make an upside down triangle crossing at the bottom point.

You can make this triangle using a brush.

After applying the foundation use your ring finger to blend the triangle to cover.

{Your ring finger because it is the weakest finger.}

Step 2: Step Two. Let's Brows. {opp.}

If you have fuller brows feel free to skip this step.

Shape the inner body of your brow using an eyebrow pencil close to the color or your eyebrows.

Following your natural eyebrow shape to the peak corner draw the longer portion of the outer body of the eyebrow.

When you've reached the peak corner of your brow trail to the bottom point.

This should have cover your eyebrow shape. If nessacessary color the inner shape, and if you wish to; take a small defining brush filled with a eyeshadow color close to your eyebrow pencil color and brush over your eyebrow filling the brow with more color and definition.

Step 3: Step Three. the First Shade.

Using a shadow applicator, or brush cover the whole of your eyelid with your lightest shade of pink. Seeing as how these are kinda not name brand I'll list a shade below that I believe to be close to this color.

Also this shade was so light and my camera was so not good that I couldn't capture the color with my camera so I highlighted the part that you cover.

MAC's shadow Vanilla seemed pretty close to this shade.

You can also look up the MAC product and similarize your own shadows or different brands to get the idea.

Step 4: Step Four. the Contrasting Shade.

Using a shade that is a darker pink to contrast the lighter pink trace the upper part of your eyelid like in the picture above.

Again sorry my camera doesnt exactly capture the actually pigment in the lighting that I had.

MAC's shadow Swish was a pretty similar shade to the offbrand I used.

Step 5: Step Five. Cornering && Blending.

Using the darkest and brightest shade of pink tace the outer corner of your eye as seen above.

After this step take a blending eye broush and gently blend the three colors. The first two colors should start to look similar and lead into the third but not enough that the whole lid is the same.

MAKE UP FOR EVER's No. 12 - fuschia seemed like the most similar pigment I could find.

Step 6: Step Six. Lining.

Using a sort of muave and brown shadow line the very top of your lashes with a thinish line.

Following the map above, this should already blend in but if it's too bold use the blending brush to blending the inner half.

MAC's shade of Malt was the best pigment that came close to the off shadow I was using.

Step 7: Step Seven. More Lining.

I find that liquid liner is easier to clean and use.

You can make this look with a simple line across the lashes or spice it up with a small flickering cat eye.

For the cat eye start with one eye closed and follow the natural curved lining of your eye. When you open your eye you should have the small flick; now start at the tip of the flick and draw down to curve your bridge.

Practice makes perfect.

Step 8: Step Eight. Lashes.

Opptional. - Curl your lashes.

Using your mascara apply regularly on the top lashes.

Wiping away some of the mascara off the wand, draw the tip of the wand with little mascara across the lower lash line.

Step 9: Finished.

This should be the final product of all your work.

I hope you guys had fun doing this turtorial.

Leave your thoughts and comments and possibly requests.


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