Introduction: One Hour Breakfast Eggstraveganza

I love making breakfast almost as much as eating it.

I have done a breakfast Instructable in the past but every breakfast is slightly different. The one hour contest felt like a perfect time to try out my timing skills.

Step 1: Preheat the Oven

First thing to do is preheat the oven.

Notice the time is 9:00

Step 2: Gather the Ingredients and Tools

Lets see what the refrigerator has to offer this morning.

Left overs, yum.

Smoked Turkey

Baked Potatoes

Baked carrots


Green onion


Sea asparagus

Cremini mushrooms

5 eggs

From the freezer comes chopped peppers and onions.

From the countertop one perfectly ripe tomato.

A cutting board and knife will come in handy as well.

I will be using two cast iron pans.

Still hiding in the cupboard is a jar of grape seed oil.

Step 3: Thaw a Cup or So of the Frozen Mixture

A cup of frozen pepper onion mix will take two minutes (in my microwave). once it comes out, I use paper towels to squeeze out the water. This step ensures that your egg will set when cooked.

Step 4: Add the Meat

Chop up a half cup or so of the smoked turkey. Toss it in with the pepper, onion mix and set aside.

Step 5: Chop the Fungi

I chop my mushrooms and separate them into three piles. Half moon shapes, shapes with stems and then chopped up outer edges.

Step 6: Chop the Green Onion

I cut the onion into short pieces then dice them up.

Step 7: Grab Your Favorite Oven Safe Pans

These are my go to pans for breakfast.

The Wagner Ware is an American antique and the GSW is a Canadian antique. I have some other cast iron pans but the antique ones have a beautiful smooth non stick finish. Most companies just don't take the time to buff the castings these days, unless you're prepared to pay top dollar. The Finex company makes gorgeous pans in the $125 to $275 range. Stargazer makes quality pans as well from $80 to $120. Smithey is also a producer fine cast Iron in the $100 to $200 range. These are all buffed to a smooth interior finish, just like the antiques.

Step 8: Pre Heat Your Egg Pan

OK the clock is ticking. Well sort of, digital clocks tell time but don't actually tick. No matter, add some heat to your pan, not to much though, you don't use high heat on cast iron to preheat as it can warp the pan. Now add a tbsp or so of oil. Coat the inner surface so the egg won't stick.

Step 9: Cut Carrots

Now while your pan comes to temperature, slice the carrots into slivers, 4 pieces from each if you can.

Step 10: Add Eggs

Add 5 eggs to the bowl of meat, peppers and onions. Whip it up with a fork. If you're creating an instructable remember to take a picture of your result.

Step 11: Lets Build This Beauty.

Add mushrooms in a fancy pattern coating the bottom of the pan.

Step 12: Add Egg Mixture

Carefully pour in the egg mixture, trying to not displace the mushroom mandala you created.

Step 13: Add the Carrots

Try to envision the circle cut into four when you add the carrots. It looks best if you don't cut through them.

Step 14: Add the Onions

Sprinkle evenly if you can. I know it's morning and you haven't eaten yet. The clock is still ticking as well, try to focus.

Step 15: Add the Fungi

The mushroom end cuts that you chopped up are the last addition.

Step 16: Into the Oven

OK the creation process is complete, now slide it into the oven carefully, you don't want it all sliding to the end of the pan.

Step 17: Preheat Pan #2

As with the previous pan, don't use high heat. Add a tbsp of oil to this pan as well.

Step 18: Prepare Potato and Mushroom Mix

When building the base of mushrooms in the egg pan there can be extra pieces. Add another mushroom to these and chop up a few more potatoes to add to the previously cooked ones. I know I know, you probably won't have two different kinds of left over potatoes.

Step 19: Add Potato and Mushroom Mix

Now add the mix to the pan. I cook these on the stove top while I wash up my cutting board and knife. All the leftovers are sealed up and put away. Then I flip each potato and mushroom to a new surface to brown and slide the pan into the oven with the egg mix.

Step 20: Peel and Cut Orange

Now slice off the peel and cut up your orange

Step 21: Cut Tomato

Cut the tomato in half then one half into quarters. Wrap the other half and set aside for lunch.

Step 22: Build Plates

Add a pile of sprouts to each plate and add the tomato pieces at each end of the sprout pile. Between the tomato slices add a pile of sea asparagus. What the heck is sea asparagus you ask. That's exactly what the wife and I said when we saw it in the grocery store. Check it out here on wikipedia. Lets just say it's a salty little addition that tastes nothing like asparagus. Now add the oranges to the plate. They will clean the pallet after breakfast is consumed.

Step 23: Time Is Still Ticking

Were doing quite well here. I think an hour is doable.

Remove pans from the oven. Touch the top of the egg mix to see that it's done. If it's wet put it back in for a few more minutes. Today it was perfectly cooked.

Step 24: Cut and Plate

Cut the egg into 4 equal pieces and plate one face up on each plate. Now there is room in the pan to flip over the two remaining pieces. Flip them and plate one on each plate. Now add the potatoes and mushroom mix.

Step 25: Let's Eat

OK now sit down and enjoy your breakfast. There should be enough time to not rush this.

Step 26: Wash Up

Now wash up and put the condiments away.

We made it with three minutes to spare.

An epic breakfast in one hour.

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