Introduction: One Ingredient Ice Cream

This instructable will teach you how to make ice cream by using only one ingredient- a banana!!

Step 1: Freeze a Banana Overnight and Place It in a Blender

Step 2: Blend the Frozen Banana

Note: you may have to use a spatula to push down the banana crumbs

Step 3: Optional: You May Add a Teaspoon of Water or Milk If the Banana Is Not Blending Easily

Step 4: This Is What It Should Look Like After the Banana Is Blended. Add Any Desired Toppings.

Some topping ideas are:
Chia seeds
Cocoa powder
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter

Step 5: If You Want a More Firm Ice Cream Place It in the Freezer for Half an Hour

Step 6: DONE!! :)