Introduction: One Piece Ukulele

This easy make ukulele is a perfect travel size and it's base is just one piece of wood. This is the perfect project if you have an afternoon off and want to make a cool creative ukulele.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable the supplies needed are:

- Block of wood 1×4×16
- Fishing Line
- Large toothpicks or wire for the frets
- Steel or copper tube 4×1/2
- 2 Bic round stic pens
- Ukulele tuning pegs or
you can be creative and make your own tuning pegs like my k'nex ones

- Drill
- Coping Saw
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Pen(this one for writing with)
- Strong multi-purpose glue (gorilla glue or super glue)
- Sandpaper
- Hot glue gun

Step 2: Making the Base

The first thing you should do is draw out the ukulele pattern on to the wood (shown in the picture). It should look like a lond trapezoid 4in. on one end, 21/2in. on the other end, and should be 16in long. Use a ruler and pen for accurate measurements. Then you can cut the base out with a coping saw or hand saw then sand the edges.

Step 3: Creating the Body

Next you can cut out the middle section and sand it. After you can drill two or four holes (depending on the tuners) into both sides of the middle hole to hold the frets in place. The last holes you need to drill is the four holes for the fishing line to go through at the head of the ukulele.

Step 4: Adding Parts of Ukulele

Now you can cut your frets from large toothpicks or fret wire, and cut two 4in pieces from the pens. Then you can hot glue the frets, steel tube, and pen pieces to the ukulele.

Step 5: Tuners

For this step you put in the tuners and I will also show you how I made mine. I used the k'nex pieces (shown in picture) and used gorilla glue to bond them and put them through the tuner holes.

Step 6: Stringing Ukulele

Now you put the fishing line through and can use a tuner or app to tune your ukulele.

Step 7: Your Done

Finish sanding and decorating, then enjoy your your new ukulele!

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