Introduction: One Pot Meal

one pot meal family size

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

-eye of round
-all purpose flour(2tbs)
-beef stock(4cups)
-garlic(5cloves whole crushed, 3cloves chopped)
-garlic powder(2tbs)
-bell peppers(1cup)
-brown potatoes(2large)
-onion leaves(1/2cup chopped)
-olive oil
-red wine(2cups)

Step 2: Preparation

1.) cut the meat in the middle half way through.
2.)put the herbs and seasonings inside.(1tbs of parsley, 2 stalks of thyme, 3cloves chopped garlic, 2stalks of rosemary, 1/2cup onion leaves, salt, pepper, 1tbs garlic powder)
3.)close the meat by using the laso technique with the twine to keep the herbs inside and give it a round shape.
4.)marinate in 1cup red wine with 1 stalk of rosemary chopped and 2cloves of garlic crushed.(2 or more hours)

Step 3: Searing

1.) put the stove in high heat, put some olive oil just enough to cover the pan.
2.)wait till it starts to smoke, when the first smoke starts, put the meat.
3.)sear all sides.
4.)once all sides are brown, turn the heat down to medium.
5.)add 3cloves of crushed garlic, 3 stalks of thyme, and 2stalks of rosemary.
6.)add 4tbs of butter, then baste the meat while turning it to sear some more.
7.)remove the meat and put it in a larger pot.
8.)make a roux, put the heat on medium low and add flour(about 2-3tbs) to the pan that is used to sear the meat. stir and wait till brown.
9.)deglaze the pan with red wine and beef stock(about half a cup of wine and a cup of stock) and put aside.

Step 4: Pot Bomb

directions: (preheat oven-350f)
*cook-2hrs and 30min*
1.)put the vegetables by layers
1st* onions
2nd* carrots
3rd* potatoes
4th* peppers
5th* mushrooms
2.) pour the liquidy roux on the large pot.
3.)add 1/2cup red wine and 3cups beef stock or till it covers 1/2 of the pot.
4.)cover and put it to oven.

Step 5: Serve

1.)remove from the oven, and seperate the meat from the pot.
2.)drizzle olive oil and red wine on the vegetables.
3.)slice the meat thinly.

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