Introduction: One Swimsuit Cover FIVE Different Ways!

Looking for a fast, easy, breezy swimsuit cover? How about five different swimsuit covers in one?

This is a sew simple project that anyone with a little sewing skill can master. You can personalize it by using different fabircs, adjusting the length, adding beads etc. The best part is the cost is almost nil, the time it takes is less than 1 hour and you end up with a fantastic cover that can be worn five different ways!

Lets get started!!

Step 1: List of Materials Needed

1) Knit type of material for the body of the wrap - the piece I used was 28'' high by 58'' width.

Knits do not require any type of hemming, all edges are raw. You can use other types of material but

may have to hem the edges.

Most knits come in 58-60 inch width, if you need more than that to wrap around your body, you will need to buy two pieces and sew together down the short end

2) Knit material for the band - mine was 5'' high by 58'' width.

Again you may need more to reach around your body or may just want longer "ties" for the beads, if so buy two pieces and sew together down the short end.

3) Beads (optional)

4) Basic sew supplies: scissors, matching thread, pins, tape measure & sewing machine.

Step 2: Measuring the Material

Start by folding the skirt material in half on the width side 58" =29" and mark with a pin.

Next hold the material around your body, with the center mark at your hip. Where the material meets on

your other hip you will need to place pins in both pieces of material, this is for the placement of the band.

The "leftover" material on either side of the pins will be "flaps" where the band will not be sewn on to.

Step 3: Pinning on the Waist Band

You will find the center of the waist band in the same manner as the skirt and pin into place at the center point.

Now lay the waist band out along the skirt and pin in place between the previous marking ( hip markings )

Once it is pinned in place you are ready to sew Your sewing machine may have a setting for stretchy fabric, which is exactly what you need. If not, you can use a straight stitch and sew several times to keep the stitches from busting and letting loose later when you tie it.

Step 4: Finishing the Waist Band

I have added a forth photo to show the skirt and waist band, which I hope will help explain the next steps.

Basically we are sandwiching the skirt material between the waist band, hidding all raw edges so the skirt will not have a "right or wrong" side.

Turn the raw edge of the waist band under about 1 inch and fold over to match the waist band where it has been sewn onto the skirt. Pin in place the entire length of the waist band where you have sewn on to the skirt. Remember not to pin the ends of the waist band, which will be the ties.

Step 5: Sewing the Band

Once the waist band is pinned into place- carefully stitch close to the edge,so as to catch both sides and sandwich the skirt material between.

Step 6: Adding the Beads

Almost finished!

Cut the ends of the ties into strips, as long or short as you want, and thread on the bead. Beads with a larger hole will thread better.

Once the bead is on, tie a knot in the material to keep the bead from slidding off.


Step 7: It's a WRAP !!!

We have found five different ways to wear your new wrap.

1) Tie it on the side at your hip. Photos 1 & 2.

2) Tie it in the front, below the belly button. Photo 3.

3) Wrap around your back and tie in front over your bust. Photo 4.

4) Wrap around your back and criss cross the ties in front then tie behind your neck. Photos5 & 6.

5) Tie over one shoulder as in photo 7. Our Favorite!!

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable and will possibly give it a try yourself. If you have any questions or comments please let me know, I enjoy hearing your comments. And remember to vote for me if you like my instructable!!


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