Introduction: One Year Continuous Calendar Poster

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This calendar shows the whole year at once. It also keeps the whole run of weeks continuous with the months marked out by slight gaps and different colors. The weeks are also numbered in the middle.

That's the basic description of what you see here. The reason for it is that the whole idea of visually breaking time into months has never made a lot of sense to me. Does time keep ending and starting over again? Not really. The week will still be a whole week whether it's in the middle of a month or at the end. So keep those weeks together.

Breaking up calendars into months is more useful for showing lots of pictures than planning ahead. Distant events are hidden away behind pictures of cats or natural wonders or Warhol prints or whatever else is on there. Putting everything on one poster lets you see how far away some event is and if you need to start getting ready for it.

Another bit of help for planning is the week count. Subtract one number from another and you'll know how long you have until something happens

As an extra bonus, the continuous style also lets you mark off days in a chain as was described by Jerry Seinfeld has described. Keep doing something every day, mark off the days with Xes and you'll soon see a solid chain of success.

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