Introduction: Onion Fried Flour

Today I want to share about my recipe menu that my family always making at home as a snack. It is Onion Fried Flour. Let's get start!!

Step 1: Ingredients


Step 2: How to Make :

1. First, provide a bowl and pour the flour

Step 3: Water Into the Bowl

2. Then, pour the water into the flour little by little until it slightly thick

Step 4: Salt + Onion

Put onion and salt into the flour that already mix and stir again until it mixture perfectly

Step 5: Fry the Flour

After everythings already finished, heat the stove over medium heat and fry the flour

Step 6: Fry the Flour Pt. 2

After the flour cooks and turns brown, drain and serve into a dish

Step 7: How to Make the Sauce :

First, the sauce just provide onion, pepper, salt, and then water. After that, milled onion and pepper half smooth and then pour into a bowl and add enough water and put a little salt and then stir