Introduction: Online Live Voting System Using Bolt IoT WiFi Chip

This project was created using a Bolt IoT WiFi chip from Inventrom. The main purpose of this project was to show a live voting system. Since in most of the elections we have to wait for several days to get the election result. Using Bolt I developed a system which will show live votes being updated. Although this system cannot be utilised for a commercial purpose we can still use it for demonstration purpose since there are many security flaws in this. In the mean time, I will try to minimise flaws and integrate more features in this system

Images used in this project are taken from Google Images and I do not hold any copyrights of them. Their sole purpose was for good presentation only.

Step 1: Requirements.

1 - Bolt IoT WiFi chip.

2 - Push Button switches (quantity on no. of candidates).

3 - Wires for connection.

4 - Cool mind.

Step 2: Developing Web Based Application Using HTML and JS

We will have to use javascript to constantly check if any switches are pressed. For debug purpose, I will be using setInterval() to note any change.

Code goes this way. Please open google drive link.

download code file.

Step 3: Hardware Connection.

We will be using active high configuration for switches. In the available Bolt kit, we can use 5 available switches.

You can refer the images attached for the connection.

This is a pretty simple process and more focus needs to be given on the software part of this. We will have to constantly monitor it changes in the hardware part and act accordingly.

Step 4: Thank You for Your Time

I will update when new things are added and if a bug fix is needed.

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