Introduction: Oodassault Pistol V3.3

About: Just an aging K'nex launcher builder
Alright well some of the KIers may not have liked it much but I still think that some of you iblers might like it because I know it's a pretty good pistol. I don't really know if I'm going to come back to ibles as much as I did before but I've decided to participate more than I said I was going to when I transferred to KI as my home.
This started out as a slide action gun made to compare against DJ's. I didn't like the slide as much as I thought I would so I got rid of it. Next I changed the magazine to flip out and have a locking pusher like on the MeZak. Finally I made the changes you see here.
Some features
-18-19 round magazine
-"Break 'n' Lock" magazine. You can flip the magazine like with the MeZak but it will automatically lock back thanks to rubberband placement.
-New mag pusher locking method. The blues aren't required. I was just to lazy to swap them with whites just to show that.
-Stripper clips. Holds 16 rounds, 17 if removing one of the extra snowflakes.

Overall the gun is still compact (other than the magazine which could be downsized) yet more durable than my last pistol. Its high capacity magazine with quick loading gives it an edge over most other oodammo pistols currently (emphasis on currently). One of my favorite parts is that I managed to make it a five layer gun but I only had one blue rod sticking out and that was to balance the rubber band placement to keep the pin even. The handle is pretty comfortable too without the use of wheels. I'm not claiming this is better than the MeZak though because as far as I know it can hold a lot more power than this one can.