Introduction: K'nex UMP-45 Redone

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Mkay, sorry, but I still couldn't be bothered to get a full instructable. It's silly though that this is pretty easy for an experienced builder, so I got quite a few pics that should easily help you figure it out. Anyone is allowed to post it without permission as long as they obviously credit me, and a notification would be nice too.

Anyways, I'm warning you now that this gun uses a few broken pieces and has hideous range. You could modify the gun to accept a normal pin instead of the charging handle-like pin I made but I didn't bother trying to myself. The back sight was crudely thrown together as it's too large, as is the front sight really. It lacks a top rail (as if it was useful) but still has a bottom rail and can still use the generic forehandle. Lastly, it lacks a stock. Overall, I'm just hoping someone can build and modify this for me, then post it.

1. Whole gun. Looks purty, dun it?
2. Top of magazine, pointing out broken pieces. The front one is actually clipped down a little. If you really want, you could probably get away without these with some modifications that I didn't want to bother doing.
3. Here's the side ripped open and the handle area.
4. Another side view on the back.
5. A side open view on the front.
6. The inner side layer ripped off revealing the middle layers in the back.
7. And ditto for the front.
8. Finally, the inner and outer right side layers for the back.
9. And for the front.

I'll add notes where necessary.