Introduction: Oogy Boogy Man Pumpkin

So for my little sister I decided to do something cute for halloween and figured an oogy boogy man from Nightmare Before Christmas would make the perfect pumpkin. All I needed
1. paper
2. pencil
3. knife
4. black paint
5. paint brush

Step 1: Drawning Oogy

I drew out an outline of Oogy Boogy and made sure there was kind of a circle that I could hollow out around him that will add the cool glownig effect. I stuck the paper to the pumpkin with tape and outlined the pumpkin using a knife to leave an imprint of the drawing.

Step 2:

Once there was an imprint on the pumpkin, i cut out a square in the back of the pumpkin to remove all the seeds out. Then I turned it over and in my designated space around Oogys face i began to scrape off layers of pumpkin to thin out the part that i wanted to glow.

Step 3:

This next part is completely up to you, but instead of leaving the eyes and mouth as is, i decided to completely cut them out, and just leave the outer layer as the thin one. After that it was just a matter of painting it black ( i didnt paint the whole pumpkin, just a nice circle around the drawning) leaving the thin layer untouched. That way the thinner layers that you scraped off will glow a bright orange in contrast to the black paint and you have yourself a cool pumpkin :)