Introduction: Open Source Green Cool Hat

We created this design in a workshop at Fab11 Boston on Design from Manufacturing. We would like to have this design open source for the following reasons:

  • Open Hardware should not be limited to electronics
  • Digital fabrication should be green or it won't be the motor for any kind of third revolution
  • Having this Open Source could make this Robin Hood look cool again

Try it and post your photos with hashtags #green #fab11.

Let's make it green and open!

Step 1: Get Your Materials Ready!

To create this cool hat, you will need:

  • Green cloth
  • Color threads
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • (Optional) Cool open hardware sticker

Step 2: Fold Your Rectangular Piece and Cut It to Get a Square Piece

Step 3: Cut the Square in Half to Get Two Triangles

Step 4:

Step 5: Fold It in Half and Cut It to Get Two Triangles

Step 6: Put Five Staples on the Open Side

Step 7: Turn It Around to Staples Are in the Inside

Step 8: Get a Fold That Looks As Incredible As This One!

Step 9: Chose Your Color Thread and Locate Both Ends

Step 10: Tie the Ends So It's Firm

Step 11: Get a Small Piece of Cardboard Cut

Step 12: Put the Cardboard Inside and Attach the Thread to It

Step 13: Make Sure Cardboard Is Bent to Support It Better

Step 14: You Are Done!

Step 15: Now, Go and Take a Photo Using the Hat!

Step 16: Look Awesome and Green!