Introduction: Open a Locked Door in Minutes

So you’re locked out of a room in your house. You have a number of options, pick the lock, take the door knob off, call someone to open the door for you, or you could just take an old gift card or loyalties card, cut it up and open the door.


You will need:
-am unneeded card (such as an empty gift card, arcade card, or a loyalties card)
-a pair of somewhat strong scissors

Step 1: Cut the Card

Take a card and check on an appropriate website, for Target gift, for an Amazon gift card, etc, and see if it has any balance. After you can guarantee the card is empty, cut a square on a long side about an inch on all sides. Make this cut about a quarter inch away from the end, this does not need to be exact.

Step 2: Test and Trim the Card

Check your door and see if the little metal piece has the arched side towards or away from you. If the arched side is towards you, use the uncut side of the card, if the arched side is away from you, use the cut side. Take your newly cut card and insert into the gap between the door and doorframe. If there is no gap by the knob, look up and down along the door for any gaps. Slide your card to the metal piece holding the door closed. If the card’s hole is not fitting, cut the hole wider or trim some excess off the thin side of the card.

Step 3: Open the Door

After you have trimmed the card to the right size, put your card into the gap by the door. Slide the card to be level with the knob. Remember which direction the arch is. If the arch is away from you, pull the card. If the arch is towards you, push the card. As you push or pull, lightly try to open the door by pushing or pulling depending on the door. The door should open. This step by step is meant to help those who are locked out of an interior room, do NOT use this information to break into houses or parts of houses. That is illegal.

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