Introduction: Opening HP Mini 110

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This Step show you how to open a Hp Mini 110 Notebook. Im not a fan of those mini notebook.

Note you will need a
*  phillips screwdriver (Make sure is the right one or else you may damage the screw.)

* Try to remember where are the screws goes.

Step 1: Remove Battery and 6 Screws

*Remove the battery

* Remove the screws below the pictures.

* Remove the case in the bottom. There were the memory is.

Step 2: Remove the Keypad

* Once you remove the battery there will be three screws. Once you remove those three. Lift the metal up little and keypad will be lose to remove.

*Look at the keypad. On the both edge slowly remove the pad. On your right bottom there should be the cable. Slowly remove the cable and you should be able to remove the keypad.

Step 3: Remove or Replace Hard Drive

You can access the hard drive Now. Note you will have to remove the hard drive to remove the motherboard if needed replace. You can remove it in this step.  

*There are three screws holding the hard drive. Once remove three screws you can remove the hard drive.

Step 4: Remove Cover From Motherboard

To access the motherboard you will need to remove the cover.

* There are six screws that need to be remove. Look at picture.

Step 5: Remove the Motherboard

Now you have access to the motherboard. To remove the motherboard. There are cables that need to be disconnect. Few Screws need to be remove.

Look at the picture for details.

Step 6: Motherboard

Now you have motherboard.

Just go backward and put everything back together