Introduction: Opening a String-sealed Bag Without Scissors

Occasionally in life I've come across one of those string sealed bags - you know the kind that are IMPOSSIBLE to get to open. Often times they seal big bags of rice, or large sacs of dry ingredients and when I come across them I have been able to get them open every 5th time or so without frustration. Most of the time though, I resort to just cutting the whole top of the bag off to avoid the trouble!

I know this feeling well, and so when I was recently at a farmer friend house he to show me the mysterious trick to opening these string sealed bags without any scissors, knife or special tool required! For him it's a necessity as he opens several of these string sealed grain feed bags every week to feeds his chickens and cows.

Meanwhile, my world has been changed - I hope yours will be too!

Step 1: Examining the Bag and String

It seems the trick lies in which side of the string you start unraveling from. But to me it all looked the same, until I was told what to look for.

Take a look at the string closely on both sides of the bag. On each side there is a different stitch.

  • On one side: there is a doubles-stitched string
  • On the other side: there is a single-stitched string

In order to open the bag, make sure the single stitch side (second photo) is facing you.

Step 2: Pick the 'right' Side, and Pull!

To open the bag now, you literally have to pick the RIGHT side of the string. (just remember, right single-stitch side is correct, and left is not).

Steps to open the bag:

  1. Again make sure you turn the bag so the single stitch side of string is facing you
  2. Looking at the single stitch side and follow it to the far right end of the string.
  3. Undo the first little loose knot by pulling the string tail out of the loop.
  4. Pull the tail of the string gently and it will slowly unravel the stitching.

The string should come off in one piece without any fuss!

Note: if you pick the other side (left side with single string facing you), it will be frustratingly impossible!

I hope you find this helpful! For me, after coming across string bags every once in a while, its a really satisfying feeling to be able to open this type of bag quickly and easily! Plus, now I can open grain feed bags like a pro - and the cows really appreciate that !