Introduction: Opening My Home Using Girder 6 and an Android Phone!

If you have read my instructable on consolidating all my infrared remotes into my android phone then this is the next step I have taken for making my Galaxy Note 4 into a true Universal Remote!

Amazing how the typical smartphone can become so much more than a phone and multimedia device eh?

Step 1: The Hardware to Get Things Started.

I recommend you read my instructable of making a universal remote from your smartphone. This gives details of how to setup an infrared remote control system using the John Rees USB uirt.

Also critical to the control of my gate and door is an infrared controlled USB relay set. Each relay is independently controlled from the remote. For my needs I needed my Automation pc to do that for me.

From the USB uirt port, I plugged in an extra set of infrared emitters and placed them them near the relay set. This way I had a data channel to allow control of the relays.

Also you need a dedicated pc to run the necessary software which I will cover in the next step.

Step 2: The Software to Make It Happen.

To use girder 6 I recommend you visit the promixis website and check their tutorials. Ron Bessems of promixis was instrumental in getting me to understand how girder 6 works so many thanks to that great guy.

The front end or face or girder 6 is called netremote dynamic and the promixis website has great tutorials on getting this running. The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android however the real programming is done on the dedicated Windows pc.

The infrared remote that came With the relay set, I learned the button codes using lrnhelper (a free program) and copied the ccf codes into girder 6.

Step 3: Wiring in to the Gate and Door.

I have a control cabinet dedicated to my home automation system and this is where I installed the infrared relay set and the extra infrared emitters. Control of both my gate motor and door I achieved via hardwired links. A relay for each device.

For Your setup, it's your choice. You can use a wireless relay or hardwire. Be creative. My door is a keypad access lock so wiring a dry contact to it was straightforward. Whether you have a magnetic or solenoid lock, the principal is basically the same.

I must note that if you Wish to do any sort of home Control system then you must be versed in electronics and programming or at least be a really fast learner. It's easy once you are inclined to do so.

Step 4: Enjoying Home Access on My Phone!

So instead of walking around with an extra key fob or punching in a numeric code, my phone does the trick!

You can password or biometric protect your phone. If it's stolen then change your wifi password. It's a bit more secure form of traditional keys and key fobs. Best of all if you want family to have temporary or permanent access to your home then all they have to do is install the free netremote dynamic app! They do have at least a basic smartphone right? Wink Wink. Lol.

I hope I have shed some light into making your smartphone into a universal remote using girder 6 and certain hardware items I had purchased off Amazon.

So after all that hard work, I'm Happy!

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