Operating the Jointer

Introduction: Operating the Jointer

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The following outlines basic operation and etiquette when squaring hardwood on the jointer.

Step 1: Area and Machine Preparation

  1. Clean and clear the tool.
  2. Set the fence width.
  3. Adjust the guard arm.
  4. Set the fence angle if needed.
  5. Adjust the guard if needed.
  6. Turn on the dust collector.
  7. Check the power and e-stops.
  8. Set the depth of cut.

Step 2: Making the Cut

  1. Push start.
  2. Press the workpiece against the fence and down on the table.
    • Use the large push stick if possible.
  3. With the push stick, smoothly and evenly slide the workpiece across the knives applying pressure on the outfeed table.
    • Keep fingers at least 3" away from the guard at all times.
  4. Stay in control of the workpiece until it is well past the knives.
  5. Repeat as needed.
  6. Making the final pass with a shallow depth of cut and a slow, steady speed will make a very smooth cut.

Step 3: Clean Up

  1. Brush off the table.
  2. Clean up the area.
  3. Turn off dust collector if it is not in use by any other woodshop machines.
  4. Put scraps in the trash and reusable pieces in the storage bin in the woodshop.

Step 4: Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Happy Jointing!

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