Introduction: Optic Fiber Decoration Lamp

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i made this decorative lamp from some optic fiber which i bought on ebay some time ago for possible future projects

so i finally manage to do something from it :)

Step 1: Components and Materials

1. some Optical Fiber kit

i bought 350pcs 0.75mmx3m on ebay for $30 but i used only 10pcs Optical Fiber in this project

2 LEDs i used slowly changing RGB LEDs

(it is 5mm LED with microchip in package just power it with 3V and it changing all colors of rainbow it cost around $3 per 100pcs on ebay just search "Slow rainbow RGB LED" and properly read description)

but you can use any normal collor LED or even add arduino controlled one (4 pin RGB LED or neopixel)

3 power source for LEDs

(i added battery case with switch but you can also use USB connector and some ressistors or DC to DC converter set to 3V for powering)

4 some aditional matterials for work

(plywood for case, heatshrink tubes, hot glue, some wires.....)

Step 2:

3m was too long so i cuted each one to random length approximately 1m

Step 3:

i split them randomly to 3 packs and added changing color LED to each one

LEDs will start at same color but after some time they will unsinchronize and each one will have different color this will create nice efect

Step 4:

i also add DC to DC step down for powering it from USB

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

here you can see each LED have different color after some time of running

Step 8:

you can scratch reflective layer on some places or on ends of fibers it will leak light on that places which will made nice effect

i made this just in few fibers and it brings more life to it

Step 9: Little Enclosure Box for Batteries

i made enclosure box from plywood like material and added little neodymium magnets for holding cover part

Step 10:

Step 11:

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