Introduction: Oragami Box

A Paper Box/Puffer Fish


Paper(Any Size but if square dimension then you can skip the first two steps.)

Step 1: Creating a Square Paper

To start we need a square sheet of paper. So first Fold the sheet from one corner of the sheet to edge of the paper like in the graphic.

Step 2: Creating a Square Paper Second Fold

With the triangle shape you can see the line you need to cut, you can use scissors or fold the bottom of the paper below the triangle and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Creating a Square Paper Final Cut

So now fold that rectangle shaped fold back and forth. If you want to you can lick the crease to make the paper softer and tear the paper off or use the scissors to cut it. You can throw away the non square piece of paper. Now you should have a square piece of paper.

Step 4: Cross Fold

Now fold the square paper from corner to corner. Diagonally in half the opposite way that you had already folded it to make a square paper.

Step 5: Tent Fold

This step is easier to to with both hands in the air. You want to put your fingers on two opposing sides of the paper and push in. Fold till flat on desk, refer to the images for further instructions. Which sides you pinch, doesn't matter cause the paper is square.

Step 6: Corner Folds

Now that your paper looks like a triangle, grab one of the bottom corners and fold it to the top of the triangle.

Do the same thing with the other corner. Once you have done this correctly it should look like the image farthest to the right.

Step 7: Corner Fold X2

Like the last step we need to do the same thing on the other side of the triangle. Grab a corner and fold it to the top of the paper. This will make the paper look like a Diamond. Look at the images for further examples.

Step 8: Slim Fold

now, take the edge of the paper and fold it towards the center of the Square. Do this for both sides of your paper.

After flip the paper over and do it again on the other side.

Step 9: Pocket Fold

With your last fold imagine it to be a pocket. notice that on the edge of the diamond shaped paper there are flaps. Grab on two one of them and tuck it in to the pocket that you made in the last step. Then flatten the fold by pressing firmly on the crease. The images may help to understand this step.

Step 10: Pocket Fold 2x

This is just like the last step but on the other side of the paper.

You can refer to the last step and confirm it is correct by comparing to the images.

Step 11: Blow Up the Box

You if you look at the paper you can see there is a hole on one of the corners. This is the blow hole. You want to blow suddenly into it and then the paper will inflate. Creating the box.

If you want it to be sharp like a dice block then you can create creases on all of the edges.