Introduction: Orange Flavoured Chocolate

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My favoutire chocolate is Lindt Orange Intense, but it's too expensive to buy it every week (2,10 €/100g). That's why I decided to make a homemade version of it using left over peels and a chocolate that costs 1,30 €/100g.

Step 1: Ingredients

This recipe is quite simple. All you need is:

- A good base chocolate. I like dark chocolate and that's why I used Lindt 70%

- Candied orange peels. I made them for Christmas eve dinner using this recipe. Thanks to this process they are very well preserved

Step 2: Preparing the Candied Oranges and Chocolate

- Chop thepeels into small pieces. You can try different shapes and lengths.

- Chop the chocolate andmelt it in a pan at very low temperature. We don't want to burn it!

Step 3: Cooking the Mixture

- Once the chocolate is melted mix it with the orange peels

- Keep stirring for about 15 minutes. By doing this the chocolate will get a soft orange taste

Step 4: Making the Thin Bar

- Find a large tray and place a non sticky material on it so that you could easily remove the chocolate (I used plastic wrap)

- Pour the chocolate on the tray and spread it using a spatula until you get a 2-3 mm thick bar

- Finally, sprinkle some chopped orange, so that people could identify the flavour of the chocolate

**If getting the right thickness with the spatula is hard, try putting plastic wrap on top of the chocolate and press it down using your hands. SEE LAST PICTURE**

Step 5: Cut and Enjoy!

Finally, you can cut the chocolate into squares or just break it (see examples above). Chocolatiers break it once it cools, but in order to store it I decided to cut it using a knife.