Introduction: Orange Lace Chips and Wraps

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I don't know how I started making the orange lace chips and wraps, perhaps as a result of looking for snacks that have less carbs than regular chips and crackers. Anyway this recipe is as easy as melting cheese. And it literally is melting and drying cheese. Anybody can do it and you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen. WARNING: The chips disappear faster than the rate you can make them.


cheddar cheese

microplane multi-purpose grater

round cookie cutter

non-stick pan


four-peppercorns blend

sweet paprika

jalapeno pepper

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Step 1: Grate the Cheese

Cheddar cheese is soft. Grating it is so easy and fun.

Step 2: Place Grated Cheese in the Non-stick Pan

For making chips, use cookie cutter to keep each tablespoon or so cheese in a circle and with some space between one and the next.

For making wraps, place grated cheese in a thin layer on the whole cooking area of the pan.

Step 3: Melt the Cheese on Low Heat

Turn on the stove and melt the cheese on low heat until it is bubbly.

Step 4: Add Flavorings

For making chips, it's time to add flavorings.

I tried chopped craisins, ground four-peppercorns blend, jalapeno pepper, red chili flakes, ground sweet paprika. I loved all of these flavorings paired with the cheddar cheese and they are listed in the order of most to much. I also tried ground sweet paprika and craisins together, it's even better than just the craisins.

For making wraps, it's time to turn off heat.

Step 5: Flip the Chips and Dry a Couple of Minutes More

Flip the chips and dry a couple of minutes more, remove them from the heat and they are done.

Place the filling for wraps on the soft cheese wrap, roll it and it is done. I used cucumber, soft pretzel, avocado, jalapeno, blackened tofu in the wrap.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy the small chips as a healthy snack. The large chip can be broken into smaller pieces to be enjoyed as a snack or as a protein, fat, and crunchy texture addition to a salad.

The wraps guarantee a quiet, quick, healthy, and delicious family meal.

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